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The mill site is full of interesting architectural aspects of its historic existence. The old smoke stack stands watch as it has for nearly 100 years, and the twin water towers, original boiler house and cotton warehouse all stand as reminders of a history full of textile production and resident employee's lives over the years.

2009 witnessed the end of textile manufacturing in Newberry County. Oakland Mill, Newberry's last Mill, closed her doors and the era of cloth production ended. Through the planning and dreams of innovative community leaders, the next era for the Oakland Mill and the mill village began to evolve.

The mill's transition to housing served as a catalyst for city streetscape, sidewalks, lighting, landscaping, walking and biking trails; as well as the rehabilitation of Oakland Park and remodeling of many area single family homes.


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Built-in 1912, this historic structure gave life to an entire village of mill workers and families.